Does Drinking Beer Cause “Beer Belly”?

Claim: Drinking beer causes people to gain weight in their abdominal area, leading to the development of a “beer belly.”

Status: FALSE

We all know that beer-loving friend with the round gut. We’ve been convinced we are doomed to the same fate if we regularly indulge in the suds as well. However, a study involving 2,000 Czechs — a people know for consuming more beer per person that people from any other country — shows no correlation between beer consumption and weight gain.

Don’t get me wrong, beer does contain calories, and excessive calorie consumption does result in weight gain. However, weight gain from too much beer is no different than weight gain from too much pizza or too much cheesecake. Calories are calories, and too many causes people to gain weight. Depending on your genetic makeup, you may or may not put on said weight around your abdomen.

So where did the beer belly myth come from? Possibly from cirrhosis, a symptom of chronic liver disease which causes the abdomen to swell.

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