Is Posting A Copyright Notice On Your Facebook Page Necessary?

Claim: Facebook users must post a copyright notice to their Facebook wall in order to protect media posted to Facebook. Otherwise, Facebook will own any media posted by its users.

Status: FALSE

Let’s assume for a moment that Facebook’s terms of service did allow it to own any media posted. Do you really think posting a legal notice that contradicts Facebooks terms of service will do anything? You cannot negate any terms of service you’ve previously agreed to by simply posting a contradictory notice.

Fortunately, Facebook’s terms of service do not give it ownership of your media. According to Facebook’s terms of service, when you post media to Facebook “you grant Facebook permission to use, distribute, and share the things you post, subject to the terms and applicable privacy settings.” In other words, you are still protected by copyright law, and you determine how Facebook can use anything you post through your privacy settings.

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